WhatsApp New Update 2020 – Three Amazing Features Are Coming

  • WhatsApp is rearranging its auto-download feature under which the frequently sent videos, documents, or images can’t be downloaded automatically on the app.
  • This feature activates the users to search for any type of media logically.
  • Also, the “protect backup” feature will help the users to protect the chat backups with a security code or password.
WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is set to propose a host of some newer features for the users throughout the world. The company rolled out this long-awaited dark mode feature on both the iOS and Android. However, now this Facebook-owned messaging application is about to release some features, which would –

  • Prevent downloading those frequently forwarded videos, images, or documents.
  • Introduce the “Advanced Search Feature” also.

WhatsApp is introducing the auto-download feature under which frequently forwarded videos, images, or documents won’t be downloaded automatically.

Currently, the customers have the option to keep that auto-download button “on” or “off” for some specific media content. But, after the update, things will be changed, and the users won’t get that “on” “off” button. This new feature will reduce your data usage, which is the most amazing issue.

Another feature that is being highly talked about is – “Advanced Search Feature,” and it will be available for the WhatsApp soon. This new advanced feature will enable users to search for any media smoothly. You can look for any images, documents, or videos, and even links on the WhatsApp messaging app using the “Advanced Search Feature.” Currently, this feature is being developed, so probably, you wouldn’t find it in the latest version of WhatsApp.

Another excellent feature that you will receive is “Protect Backup Feature.” This is one of the most essential features for the users since it will help to protect their chat backups with a code or password.