Sachin Bansal Tweet “WFH Sucks”

Sachin Bansal, the founder and former of Flipkart tweeted that “WFH Sucks. As the coronavirus is wildly spreading all across the globe, working from home is just not the choice but a mandate. Bansal believes that staying at home reduces productivity. With his tweet the debate started as some believe they are way enough productive from the bickering colleagues. Whereas others easily agreed with Bansal’s statement.

Due to the increasing spread of coronavirus, it is really becoming difficult to open public restaurants, organizations, or any public places. Major countries have been locked down and cities from India have been ordered to comply with section 144 from the government. Thus, people are not allowed to step out from the home and be in the large groups.  

An otherwise, ‘luxurious’ option of work from home is forced upon the employees. The party-going extrovert is met with a nightmare- whereas an introvert might rejoice the lack of workplace conversation and lose the excitement of working.

Firstly, Professor Robert Kelly, who went viral when he was interviewed was disturbed by his toddlers stepping into the room. 

Work from home is dealing with a lot of ‘other personal work’ and seeing home than working with complete diligence. Instead of the casual routine, the professionals are expecting you to fall in the category of people who take a bath even when you work from home. Furthermore, it lets you feel like you’re on a vacation and chilling watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other entertaining sources. 

Thus, all of these have made us conscious. As it is true that working from home can let your productivity down as compared to working in offices. Logistics startup Shadowfax has asked their employees to keep the cameras on while working from home, and that’s pretty strange. 

No matter if your body is not showing active symptoms of COVID-19, with the infection rate of the disease being immensely high you are surrounded with high risk if you are venturing out of your home. It is reported that the disease might not be life threatening, but you can still pass it on to others like elder people who are more susceptible to coronavirus.