New WhatsApp Features 2020 Are Coming Soon


  • WhatsApp is currently working on a feature which would let the users to use this on two devices.
  • The delete messages feature will allow the users to set up a time limit to their chats.
  • WhatsApp will roll out a feature to check every forwarded message.

After revealing the awaited night mode feature on Whatsapp, it is again on a roll out a host of some new features in the upcoming days. Now, this app is under the scanner of late due to several security bugs that had been figured out in the app some days ago. However, this Facebook-owned app has published a lot of updates from that moment to remove the security problems.

Still, there are some areas where this app requires holding its grip tighter. For example, there is a lot of fake news that gives birth to some untoward incidents through this messaging app, and now there is nothing to worry about as WhatsApp is working on these issues to eliminate completely. Besides, there will also be a feature which will let the WhatsApp users check and verify all the junk and spam messages.

These are the few WhatsApp features which are about to arrive –
  • Multi-Device support

This app is working on such a feature which will allow its users to use this app on two various devices, and it is called multi-device support. For example, if anybody is using this app on your phone, you will also be able to use it by your account at the same time.

  • Self-destructing messages

The delete message feature on the app will let you set up a time limit of your chats. This feature can be activated for the group and even for individual hats. For instance, when you activate the delete message on for an individual, you can set up a time limit for the chats.