Microsoft Launched Coronavirus Tracking Website

As there is a boom of corona virus pandemic people are getting more aware to stay secure from the dangerous virus. Still, experts are coming up with new ideas to cure this virus of the globe no matter in terms of vaccinations and technological screening.

Microsoft Launched Coronavirus Tracking
Corona-virus Tracking Website

While Google is still taking efforts on developing the screening for coronavirus and tracking websites, Microsoft Bing has launched its web portal for tracking COVID-19 infections and it is implemented all across the globe.

To track the COVID-19, the recipient can visit This website offers up-to-date infection statistics in every country.

The COVID-19 Tracker currently displays over 168,835 confirmed cases, among 84,558 cases, 77,761 cases, and 6,516 results in deaths.

The tracker also accounts that there were over 3,244 confirmed cases of a novel coronavirus in the United States and 61 deaths, most of which were counted as old age humans.

Michael Schecter, General Manager of Bing Growth and Distribution at Microsoft states that most of the Bing staff contributed to this project working from home to create a mapping and authoritative news resource for COVID19 info.

In the tracker, there is a feature of interactive maps. It allows site visitors to click on any country to project the exact number of cases and related articles from a variety of publishers.

Data is being referred from genuine sources such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and World Health Organization (WHO).

Microsoft Bing made an announcement about the website launch. After US President Donald Trump dropped the statement that Google has started working on the COVID-19 related portal for US citizens.

Google is developing its website by Verily which is a subsidiary of Alphabet focused on healthcare services.

Donald Trump stated that more than 1,700 engineers are currently focusing on the site. This tool will cure people who are more concerned about their COVID-19 risk into examining sites based on guidance from public health officials.

After resolving the minor confusion on Google’s coronavirus portal, the company made an announcement that it is collaborating with the US Government in developing a worldwide website that can offer genuine information about COVID-19 symptoms, testing information and risks.