Mi TV Surpassed 4 Million Shipments in India

Xiaomi had forayed into the Indian smart TV market back in 2018. The numbers since then suggest that the Chinese corporation has had a great run. Xiaomi announced today that the total sales of Mi TV in India over this two-year period has surpassed 4 million units. Considering the fact that smart TV is a niche market segment in India, these are indeed incredibly good numbers. It is safe to say that Xiaomi is the number one smart TV brand in India at the moment. 

Xiaomi offers a number of variants in its smart TV repository. These include Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4A Pro, Mi TV 4C Pro, Mi TV 4 Pro and Mi TV 4X. The screen size of all these models ranges from 32 inches to 64 inches.  

Manu Kumar Jain, MD of Xiaomi India, is of the opinion that the Mi TVs have served as a catalyst in fueling the growth of the Indian Smart TV market. 

Xiaomi’s entry into the Indian market was initially a smartphone-based approach. While it has lived up to that proposition by being the number one budget smartphone brand in India consecutively for 10 quarters, the Chinese company is now looking to position itself as a consumer-electronics and IoT brand. To support that positioning, it has launched a number of product categories including smart wearables, power banks backpack, electric toothbrush, and beard trimmer.

Interestingly, with its high-quality product offerings at affordable rates, Xiaomi has literally deemed prominent brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. as premium high-end. As of now, Xiaomi is facing some competition from brands like Thomson, Vu, Nokia, etc. It would be rather interesting to track Xiaomi’s further growth trajectory in India.