Indian Gov. to Launch CoWin-20 App to Track COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has literally swiped across the world leaving thousands dead. The outbreak is somewhat contained in India as compared to nations like Spain and Italy. However, more than 600 cases have been confirmed in India with 14 deaths. In this scenario, the Government of India is taking all necessary measures to stop spreading the virus – the major one of which is by urging citizens to stay home. 

Covid-19 Tracking App

As per the latest reports, the GoI is working on a mobile app to make citizens aware of their surroundings in regard to the coronavirus. The CoWin-20 app is in its trial phase as of now and is aimed to educate citizens about the potentially destructive nature of the disease. The app will inform people about the places not to travel amid the outbreak. It will also enable people to track all the recent contacts they have made with COVID-19 suspects and positives. At present, an Android app dedicated to Covid-19 launched by the GoI is available for download. While there is no update on the exact launch date of the CoWin-20, it will soon be available for Android and iOS users. It is being developed by the NITI Aayog foundation. 

CoWin-20 App will features:

  • Monitor the status of the community spread of coronavirus through users’ locations.
  • Alert users if they are near a COVID-19 infected patient.
  • Send notifications to users who have been in close contact with anyone tested positive for COVID-19

How the CoWin-20 App will help citizens?

According to a number of reports, the CoWin-20 app has already been rolled out to a select group of users through an APK. The Next Web also had access to the app and concluded, “The app will rely on Bluetooth to check if you’ve been within six feet of the distance of an infected person,”

If some of you are concerned about user privacy in this regard, the final application will ask permission before using one’s data. Moreover, the GoI has assured 100% data encryption to be used for location tracking purposes. 

On the other hand, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has also launched an Android app named Corona Kavach to provide real-time reports about the coronavirus scenario in India.