After Positive COVID-19 Test – Wadala Housing Complex Is Under Fully Lockdown

Positive Covid-19 Test in Wadala Housing Complex

Dosti Acres in Wadala is one of the greatest co-operative housing complexes in Mumbai. On Wednesday, it went into an entire lockdown situation as “containment area”. The announcement was made when a resident was under quarantine after returning from outside of the country. The resident has shown positive results in the COVID-19 test.

A resident of the Dosti Blossom Housing complex, as well as his family, was under quarantine when his COVID-19 test was positive as well. But, initially, his test was COVID-19 negative at the Kasturba Hospital. The BMC authorities came to the complex and said that the resident should be in complete lockdown.

On Wednesday, the officials from the F North Ward and the Antop Hill police station conducted a meeting with the co-operatives of the Housing Complex in the Dosti Acres. They explained that the residents of the complex had to restrict their movement to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

The chairman of Dosti Lily Co-operative Housing Complex, Rahul Daga, said that there wasn’t any panic among the residents. One of their members was in quarantine after the positive result of the COVID-19 test. Prior to that, he had consulted Rahul Daga and explained that the resident should need to test for coronavirus.

On Tuesday night, 11 PM, the secretary of Dosti Blossom Complex sent a formal note to the COVID-19 affected patient in which it was written that no residents should move out of their houses until further notices arrived.

Rahul Daga also said that the police and BMC authorities had led their members to go to a hospital for more treatment. However, in the lockdown, how he could go to the hospital. They had called the Ambulance service, but from there, it was said that the hospital team would come only when they would receive the PPE.