COVID-19 Outbreak: Google Will Provide $6.5M to Fight the Misinformation

Covid-19 outbreak and misinformation across the whole world

On Friday, Google said that it would contribute Rs 49 crore ($6.5 million) in funding to the non-profits and fact-checkers who are fighting for all the misinformation throughout the world because of the COVID-19 outbreak. This act will also include India with a crucial concentration on the coronavirus outbreak.

The virus was first observed in China, and currently, it has infected people across the whole world. Furthermore, the virus was taken away around 54000 people. Right now, the serious condition is prevailing in Italy, Spain, and the USA. Google, in a blog post, indicated that the health authorities had given a warning that the misinformation about the COVID-19 outbreak can make it harder for the people to receive the correct information about the virus.

Google explained that they would be giving $6.5 million funding to the non-profits and the fact-checkers for checking the misinformation across the world, and the major concentration would be on coronavirus outbreak. Also, the fact-checkers, along with the health authorities, should help to determine the issue that the people currently are seeking and the point where there is a gap to access the correct information online.

Google also added that to assist, they would be supporting the Data Leads in an association with the BOOM Live in India, wherein Nigeria, the partnership will be with the Africa Check. Google will do it to influence the data from the Question Hub. There will be efforts to train around thousand of journalists throughout Nigeria as well as India to identify the misinformation about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Google News Initiative is stepping up the support also for the First Draft, which is giving the online resource hub. The dedicated reporters will be covering the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak across the whole world so that the misinformation can be checked properly.