COVID-19 Lockdown: Indian Top Six Airports Are Now Home to 80% Civilian Aircrafts

COVID-19 Lockdown and Aircrafts

Top six airports in India, including the two greatest hubs of Delhi and New Delhi airports, are currently home to around 80% of the civilian aircraft which have to stay on the ground from the moment when the government applied a blanked flying ban in last week to aid in containing the COVID-19 lockdown across the country.

A senior official of Authority of India airports said that the Indian carriers had approximately 650 planes in their own fleet, as well as parking for those airplanes, weren’t a problem indeed. This AAI official didn’t want his name to be revealed. He added that all the airports, including the government ones, could manage a lot of planes. The airport officials revealed that the Mumbai airport has the parking spots for 100 aircraft, and the Delhi airport has the parking spots of 196 aircraft. In together, all the six airports are – Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, and among the 650 aircraft, 538 aircraft are parked.

Some sources have added that due to the load in this COVID-19 lockdown, some planes are parked on the runways as well at the Delhi airport. An airline executive said that during the operations, planes were used for the domestic operations during the day, and similar planes were then used for the international operations during the night. So, at a particular time, the number of planes wasn’t so high.

The executive also said that there was sufficient space to park those planes in the country. The airports like Delhi had allowed the parking of Indian planes at the runways. By that way, airports had made more space for parking.

A Delhi airport executive said that the parking on the runway was not a permanent arrangement as that was harder to make space for parking of those planes because of COVID-9 lockdown and ban of international flights.