COVID-19 Infection: Govt Says There Is No Need to Panic

COVID-19 infection

The number of people who died by COVID-19 has attained to 100 on Saturday. Also, there is a notable increase of confirmed infections. However, the government has clarified that people shouldn’t panic about this COVID-19 infection. Because the transmission of this virus is lesser than other countries and is concentrated in one place where there are 30% detected cases.

The health ministry explained that the testing capability had been improved remarkably to more than 10,000 tests a day so that it becomes possible to detect the presence of COVID-19 infection. Officials revealed that there is a minimum of 1,023 real cases of COVID-19 infection, but these are related to Tablighi Jamaat audience. But, huge efforts from different authorities have guided to around 22,000 people related to religious assembly.

Different government officials and Agarwal shared data in their press briefing. The data revealed that one person in 25 people in an average was tested for COVID-19, and the result was positive, but the mortality rate in those individuals is less than one in 30. Officials also revealed that approximately 75,000 tests had been run, and the number of tests done on a regular basis has become doubled, which has jumped to 10,000 from 5,000. The number of government labs, on the other hand, has increased to more than 100. Agarwal also said that there are many private labs that are testing COVID-19 as well.

Worldwide, over 11 lakh people have tested positive from December last year. Some sources are reporting that the number of death is more than 60,000, while some others are reporting that the number of death is more than 54,000. Only in the USA, 2.7 lakh people are COVID-19 infected, and it is confirmed. It has made the record as there are 1,500 deaths only within 24 hours. Italy has faced the highest deaths, which is 15,000.