COVID-19 in India: 22 Potential and 20 Existing Coronavirus Hotspots

COVID-19 in India

On Thursday, the Union Health Ministry revealed that it had figured out 22 potential and 20 existing spots of COVID-19 in India. The Union Health Ministry also declared there wasn’t any evidence of extensive spread. The ministry also revealed that in an advisory on the human resource management of COVID-19 in India was required so that it could be possible to provide proper guidance to all the states on the manpower, which could be assembled for the proper management of this disease.

In the document, it said that there wasn’t any evidence to extensive transmission although, 22 potential and 20 existing spots had been figured out. Besides, a larger team of human resources would be required for the containment measures to break the life cycle of this virus so that it can’t transmit to other people.

The advisory has strongly said that it is necessary to identify the human resource, and they should be trained online by using online training programs. This human resource should be trained in a way so that they can break the transmission chain of COVID-19 in India.

The advisory also said that for the isolation areas, along with training, all the hospital staff, AYUSH practitioners as well as the dentists should be trained as well. The retired doctors and healthcare professionals should work in non-COVID affected areas in the hospitals in case of any emergency.

Also, it stated that the quarantine facilities were meant to provide shelter to the asymptomatic cases. Besides, the number that was identified, and the trained manpower should also be equal to the number of COVID-19 fighters. Some major regions have been highlighted by the advisory where there is an increased deployment of human resources is required. It has also enlisted the critical care management of the Severe Acute Respiratory Infection cases in the ICUs, cleaning patient transportation, waste management as well as disinfection.