COVID-19 Crisis: TDP Accused Andhra Govt. of Unethical Behavior

COVID-19 Crisis – TDP vs AP Govt.

The TDP (Telegu Desam Party), on Monday, had started a significant attack on the leading YS Jagamohan Reddy government. Telegu Desam Party had pointed a finger to the government in the Andhra Pradesh. The TDP held the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh, responsible for the unethical attitude and inefficiency in handling the COVID-19 crisis.

The Centre under the arrangement of 14th Finance Commissions Funds, Disaster Management funds, and Revenue Deficit grants provided Andhra Pradesh Rs 2,352 crores in this COVID-19 crisis – as claimed by Telegu Desam Party. In addition to this, the opposition party in the Andhra Pradesh declared that more resources and funds had been given to the state government to handle the COVID-19 crisis, but despite the funds and resources, the government wasn’t distributing that to the general people.

The former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, who led the TDP, said that instead of utilizing the village volunteer organization, the money was being used for marketing purposes as payment sponsored by the AP govt. And those money distributors were organized like the election campaigns and were surrounded by people. Naidu also said that the beneficiaries were particularly reminded that the CM had provided that money and that they must give their vote for YS Reddy Congress Party in the upcoming local election.

The state is set up to organize a local body poll that had been put on hold by the ECI (Election Commission of India) for the COVID-19 crisis.

The Telegu Desam party had also claimed that people were neither wearing masks or were maintaining social and physical distance in the Andhra Pradesh while the distribution of the relief was going on by the leading party. TDP also demanded that there had also been cases of leading party politicians taking most of the N-95 masks. The government must look at these excesses corruption and make sure that all the money should be transferred transparently.