COVID-19: 2 Hospitals in Mumbai Are Declared as Containment Zone

COVID-19 in Wockhardt and Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospital and Wockhardt Hospital are two well-reputed hospitals in Mumbai. These hospitals have been announced as the containment area since several doctors and nurses have a positive test result of COVID-19. This deadly coronavirus was first noticed in China, and now it has spread all over the world.

In the Wockhardt hospital, 26 nurses, along with three doctors, have shown positive COVID-19 results. On the other hand, in Jaslok Hospital, there are ten staffers, and six nurses have a positive result of coronavirus.

Strict restrictions are applied in both of the hospitals, and the exit and entry are sealed as well because more staffers and nurses are showing COVID-19 positive, which is really fearful. In the meantime, concerns are raised about the staffers in those hospitals since it has affected the capacity of the health workers to function properly.

On 27th March, the first COVID-19 infected patient was admitted to the Wockhardt Hospital. He was 70 years old and was admitted to the angioplasty. Later, he revealed a positive result of COVID-19 and died. One of the staffers who was interconnected with caring that patient became infected soon. After that, a surgeon who stayed in the Dharavi and working at the Wockhardt Hospital became infected as well. Few of the workers in the Jaslok Hospital were also tested positive for coronavirus. A nurse has also revealed a positive result of COVID-19. The patient whom the nurse was taking care of, didn’t have any travel history, or coronavirus positive.

A local corporator, named Ashish Chemburkar later confirmed that a ward boy in the Jaslok Hospital was also tested positive. Scientists believe that the utilization of Personal Protective Equipment should be made mandatory by the hospital authorities for all the workers. Also, the workers must wear PPE while treating the patients.