Coronavirus Crisis 2020: Ministries Have Decided to Make Business Continuity Plans

Coronavirus Crisis after lockdown

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called all the ministries to arrange a business continuity plan to eliminate the coronavirus crisis. The plan should also include putting the economy back into the previous form after the lockdown. Each ministry must determine ten major decisions, along with ten focus areas for action.

The cabinet confirmed a 30% cut in pay for every member of the ministers and parliament, which includes the PM for a year. The present 21 days lockdown is supposed to end on 14th April.

On Monday, the decisions were made at two meetings called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. One of the meetings was with all the council of all the ministers, while another one was with the cabinet, which confirmed the ordinance implementing the salary cut from 1st April. He gave a task to the departments by drawing up the immediate recovery strategies at the meeting of the council of ministers.

The Prime Minister gave the following directions to the ministers –

  • Prepare a business continuity plan to eliminate the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the economy.
  • Each ministry must identify ten major decisions and ten major areas to choose after the lockdown.
  • They must ensure to reduce India’s dependency on other countries.

The Prime Minister took the step at the meeting to ask all the ministers, along with MPs, to take a salary cut. A senior govt. official said that the fight against coronavirus crisis would be a long one, and a little cut from the salary would possibly fit the lack.

All the ministers agreed to the point, and later the cabinet approved it. After the letters sent by the governors, vice president, and president, the Prime Minister proposed this decision. Prakash Javadekar said that the pensions and other allowances of the lawmakers wouldn’t be reduced; the members of the parliament local area development scheme would be ceased for two years. Thus Rs 7,900 crore could be saved.