In Balasore, the Business Park Has Been Transformed into a Quarantine Centre

Balasore Business Park

It is an exceptional initiative. Balasore district administration has transformed a big business park to a quarantine centre in Odisha. The North Orissa Chamber of Commerce & Industry campus of Balasore consists of a conference hall, swimming pool, a hotel, as well as a restaurant. All of these have been transformed into quarantine centre. The entire business park is standing on more than 2.5 lakh ft2 area. Also, it has the capacity to contain around 1000 beds for suspected people.

Only within two days, almost 300 beds have been made ready. It is being assumed that within a couple of days, the number will rise to 1000. The centre will be well equipped with necessary and proper facilities, including bed covers, proper water supply, electricity, toilets, hand sanitizers, soaps, mosquito nets, etc.

The state government is also aiming to launch a minimum of one quarantine centre that can contain around 50 to 100 persons. The state government is planning to establish it in every panchayat. Also, around 7276 temporary medical camps in 6798 panchayats have been found out. It is also checked whether those medical camps contain proper facilities or not. 

Also, the state government has released 44.50 crore INR from the relief fund of the Chief Minister to approximately 30 districts, and Red Cross societies for taking proper steps to control the situation. Around 78,233 people have entered in different districts of Odisha, and they have come from other states. Around 6442 people have come only in Balasore from other states. 

Rabindra Kumar Jena, a former MP of Balasore has said that after having a proper meeting with the CM, he has told the collector that the NOCCI has already been completed by 90% funds from the Odisha government. He has also said that the Union governments, along with the local industries, have donated 5% of the total fund.

The Wadala Housing Complex is under full lockdown.